Rear Tire Takeoffs for Modern Classics (from trackdays and racing): $30 shipped CONUS

Hello everyone,

Outside of my beloved Triumph Bonneville, I also race/track a Ninja 250. It turns out that the Ninja 250 rear tires I use also work perfect on my 2007 Triumph Bonneville as well as any modern classic lineup where the OEM tire size for the rim was a 130/80/17. I have a bunch of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II in 140/70/17 that I am willing to let go for $30 shipped CONUS for each tire. $15 if you happen to be in San Diego and do local pickup. I am stockpiling these a lot faster than I can use them up on my Bonneville.

This has been the perfect tire usage program for me where I would use up the sides of the tire for racing and trackdays on my Ninja 250 and then once those are worn would still have practically new center tread for commuting. As stated I am stockpiling my takeoffs faster than I can use them up on my Bonneville.

Feel free to message me if you are interested.