Rear brake light

2005 America tail light stays on when warmed up. Cold rear brake works fine. I have adjusted the pedal every which way and still it comes on and stays on unless a I really press very hard on the pedal. Before I start ordering parts is there something I am missing. Very frustrating and dangerous with this problem.


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seems weird that it would be a "warmed up" problem, sounds more like a sticky switch relay


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I don't have an America, but on my thruxton the brake light is actuated via a pressure switch when pushing down the rear pedal. My front brake is normally open mechanical switch that closes when the lever is pulled. Is your rear brake switch mechanical or pressure type? My guess is that it is the latter given the odd behavior. If so, then it seems to me that the switch is at fault here, but I would also make sure the fluid is new/not causing corrosion in the system. Brake fluid is very hydrophilic and will take on water over time...