Project area?

Project area?

  • Hell yea-yah - do it, do it.

    Votes: 13 81.3%
  • nah .. the seperate tech areas surfice

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  • who cares? we need more boobie threads

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NBR founder
Was thinking about adding a Project Area for people who have rebuilds, ongoing/constant modding - see Thrux-ton-up for an extreme example of this .. he leaves NOTHING alone for very long. Giving people an area to showcase their projects and rebuilds.

Tech area still stays as is - tech questions and advice differs from a personal projects.

Whatcha think?


Go for it Dude! the project Threads would just get lost and forgotten in the tech forums anyways.

p.s. we could always use more Boobie threads too. I can't do it all on my own you know.
That would be awesome Bonafide....would it be restricted to Trump projects or would I be able to slot my Jap resto's in until I actually DO get my Thrux?...

Cheers mate,

:chin: Hmmmmm I seem to recall someone doing a Honda CB750

Yeah but that was Cafe'ed James and its really cool....I'm just wondering if things like the TS185 and my next project ...a VS750 Intruder would be relevant. I think Bonafide and the lads would be bored looking at those restos.

Cheers man,