Passing the Torch


NBR members, my brothers and sisters of the Church of the Hinckley Twins, my stewardship of the NBR forum has come to a close. Please extend a welcome to the new NBR owner Randy Birkey (rbirkey), a brother-of-the-road, hard-core Triumph enthusiast / adventurist / modder / blogger, and seriously talented practitioner of all that keeps the interwebs clicking along 24/7.

I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone who's taken the time to participate in NBR, with special appreciation to those who showed up back in 2008 and helped launch the forum. Many of you are are still here, others have moved on, and all the while membership continues to grow. Through it all NBR has remained the fun and freewheeling gathering place it is. Thanks to everyone for your stories, photos, help, patience, knowledge, humor, support, and friendship, all of which has given the forum its own unique identity among the many and various virtual Hinckley Twin destinations.

A final shout-out to NBR founder Bonafide, aka The Dude, and our ever-patient webmaster-of-origin Eric, who was always working behind behind the scenes from day one, keeping things up and running. Nothing would be here and I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for you guys working together to create the forum when you did. Well done.

Expect to see some significant changes and much-needed upgrades and a much-improved user experience as Randy helms NBR from a mid-2000's-era forum into something closer to current standards of content, aesthetics and functionality.

I'll still be around here, working on the regular moto parts, collaborating with owners all over the planet on custom projects as I have for over a decade now, and penning updates and the perhaps the occasional semi-intelligent comment on whatever it was you just posted about.

Last night after arriving home from work I walked through the garage and stopped for a moment as I often do to admire the '03 T-100 parked inside. It's still track prepped, the back end sitting up on a 2 x 12 jimmy jack and gathering more dust than I should allow it to. For personal reasons, my street riding days are probably over, but that I can stand there beholding the bike a dozen years and countless adventures later and get completely lost in admiration of what is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of functional kinetic art ever conceived, tells me that I'm still much in love with and still feeling great appreciation for the Bonneville and the community and creativity it's brought into my life.

Thank you again one and all, and may NBR just get better as we roll along through 2016 and beyond.


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Thank you for passing the torch of this auspicious community to me. It is an honor and responsibility that I take seriously.

Over time, it is my hope and intention to honor the heritage of this forum by transforming it into the best content and community experience available online to Triumph Bonneville owners and enthusiasts... worldwide.

If anyone has constructive and positive suggestions to help us reach that goal, I am always available for a private message or public discussion in the comments and suggestions area of this forum!

I look forward to getting to know many more of you in the months and years to come and sharing our mutual love and admiration of this great brand and product line!

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Welcome to the helm , for my part I have no problem with what I am reading so far concerning this change.
Just one serious comment,;
Please do not forget the memory of the wonderful man " Scott Forsythe"
to whom this forum was was originally started.

I was one of many who were honored to ride with him and hope we can preserve his memory.:cheers: