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Hi there.
Helo here from Albuquerque, NM, USA.
Just picked up a '18 Bonnie and starting to make it my own. :)
Anyone recently purchased a tank parcel grid for their Bonnie? If so, where? BC and Triumph don't seem to offer one and I'll be damned if I'm gonna scratch my beauty with a tank bag (magnetic or otherwise).


How about a proper cruise control or throttle assist?
Cramp Buster is a NO GO.
Triumph's high-priced solution, though beautiful, is out of my budget.
I've located a couple of nice units for under $200, but am curious what others may have found or done.


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All the friends I know who have the current liquid-cooled Bonneville models use the tank bags that mount directly on the tank without any grid. I have not yet seen an add-on product that is like a grid. My guess is that you'll have to find/make something custom, or try to retrofit an original Triumph parcel grid from the 1950s-60s era, which are available online. Example:

I do not have any experience with a cruise control on the liquid-cooled models, but I like the Go Cruise as a good, all around, low-cost, practical option. I found it online here:


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Might work for me and thanks for the links!
The liquid units are "fly by wire" and the RH switch module incorporates the pot necessary to send the signal to the ECU for fuel control making it much wider than a regular module. Fat! The Kuryakin model suggested elsewhere won't work due to the limited reach of its clamp-to-throttle arm.
I did find these:
BrakeAway:|0 and another Kuryakin model, similar in function to the Kaoko,

My Bonnie was purchased for use with a sidecar for long trips (like New Mexico to Montana) and a cruise control will be necessary. I haven't even broken in the bike yet so I don't need one immediately.
Just wondering if anyone has used one of the three I've listed, and their impressions.

As for the Parcel Grid/Rack, I'll rig the tank like I did for the REs (Velcro "dollars") and be able to swap between the bikes as needed.


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