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Amazing Seth, as always a masterful collection of inspired beauty and function from the master maker!!
I'm proud to own one of your mounts for the Drag Specialties mini-tach.....


Wow, you really do great work! Very impressive, indeed!

I am really liking those aluminum speedo/tach cups and the black/polished stainless gauge bracket with the ignition relocation. Does anyone know, is that ignition relocation part tricky at all?

Anyways, I sent you an email regarding this stuff, but I wanted to commend you on your great looking items! I am looking forward to getting a couple on my Bonneville!
My lay flat came in the mail yesterday and I was able get it installed very easily. My bike is a 2011 Thruxton with Woodcraft Clip Ons. I currently have the stock yoke, but I will be replacing it with the 2007 yoke soon. Just got to scrape a little more money up.

This thing is terrific. The quality is great and Seth is great to work with.

If anyone thinks their bike won't look better with one, check this out.

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Seth, can we do something wacky with my gauges? That thruxton gauge on page two was wild.

I've got the stock gauges (speedo/tach) and would like my ignition to be somwhere near the handlebars.

Let's get nutty.


What do you have in mind?...send me an idea... or two... lets get that sprocket
cover in the mix too :D



Cheers Seth --yet another phot for your album

Looks "OK"yes sireeeeee it sure does


I'm an Irishman really cant find the flag though:ride::cheers:



Hi Seth, I bought a layflat bracket from you a few years ago, very pleased with it. Has anyone asked you to make a bracket for a motogadget tach unit? Best regards, Bob Rutherford


Still banging... done many motogadget projects over the years, there's
usually one or several in the mix at any time :D
pm sent
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Fitted my new D9 bracket with ignition relocation for the new VDO electronic instruments: Scrambler.

I’m not thrilled with the EMGO headlight brackets, though they would work fine on the larger Bonneville/Thruxton headlight, not so much on the smaller Scrambler. So I either need to figure out another solution for aftermarket brackets or take the OEM brackets, grind off the ignition bracket and flip them upside down.

Now the bars looks so damn wide, I may go back to the stock black bars. :D We'll see.

Aside from that, the installation was pretty straight forward.

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