Open-faced helmets?


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Was thinking of getting one of the vintage-style, open-faced helmets for summer riding. Looked at the Cromwell and Davida brands but they both seem very expensive. Anybody have one of these? Opinions? Suggestions?


Bell is making some nice 3/4 buckets right now, for not that much.
Davidas look bitchen but cost too much.
I have a Bell Custom 500. It looks great and it very nice, but it lifts off my head above 65mph or so. It is a little maddening. I really like it around town, but if I am going to get on the highway, I have to leave it at home.

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I have an RJs which I use for commuting all year round until it gets to winter here - great visibilty and I like the breeze in my face.
If I'm going anywhere which needs a bit of pace then it's the full-face because the RJs feels as though it is pulling me off the bike at speed.


got an HJC and its OK
got a Davida jet and its great
got a Fulmer V2 (for free) its better than the HJC


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Thanks for the info! I'll check them out and see if I can lay my hands on one over here. Two questions:
1) Any problems with the Davida riding up on your head at speed? All of my riding is on the expressway so I am usually hauling ass most of the time....


2) Anyone use the goggles? Do you get raccoon eyes from wearing them?

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I certainly got racoon eyes form using them - turned up at my office one morning and looked like a crackhead. Didn't even know until somebody advised me to check out the mirror.


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Biltwell Hustler helmet for slow road cruising - very comfy and nice to have wind on the face. However, on the highway or when it's raining I use a Sparx FC-07 helmet. You still get some wind on your face and Sparx will replace the helmet if you ever crash.


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I certainly got racoon eyes form using them - turned up at my office one morning and looked like a crackhead. Didn't even know until somebody advised me to check out the mirror.

HaHa! Yeah, that's what I thought. I saw a scooter guy the other day with the raccoon look and I wondered if it was because of goggles. Either that or someone had just punched him in both eyes!


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The bell does not have a goggle strap.

Also, the fulmer and biltwell have nicer interior. The bell feels really flimsy around the ears.


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i've got a burnt orange Bell 500 and it fits odd, is noisey and will lift but my Davida takes the cake. it's like wearing a velvet sponge cake on your head which wont come off and is much more quieter with a lwr profile than the Bell. I wear a pair of aviator goggles and sunglasses - great combo.

I also have an older Arai for shitty weather days and longer rides


I use the Davida Classic, with Halcyon goggles with the tinted lenses. No complaints at all. I can say that the silk scarf is very effective when used on your face. It really cuts the wind well. T100JIP


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I picked up a Biltwell. It had the Great Gazoo look to it.

Too thin at the base/chin area and too bulbous around the crown.

Off to check out the Bells in real life.



There are a few Davida Pudding Bowl helmets available on Ebay right now for $225...

Just bought the silver one shown with the leather face mask.

Did use the Bell Drifter half helmet with Halcyon goggles (The Bell Drifter has the goggle strap); felt like the helmet was gonna get yanked off my head at speeds above 60 on my Bonnie.
The Drifter is a great helmet and is my preferred helmet on my cruiser that has a windshield.

THe Halcyon goggles are truly amazing I have not gotten racoon eyes.
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