On the seashore road at Noto, Japan


Two Stroke

These are some of the pictures that I took during the recent three-day-trip to Noto-Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

The Nagisa-Driveway (Seashore road) is the only road running on the beach in Japan. The top picture was taken at 6:00am on May 1, while the picture below was taken at sunset time on the day before.


As Noto Peninsula is located at Northern side of Japan, the weather is very harsh in winter. Now, spring has come, and it has been quiet and pleasant place to visit. Facing to the Japan Ocean, there are many fishing ports along the seashore road. Fukuura Fishing Port is one of them, where the port is surrounded by the old Japanese-style houses. After turning off the Bonneville’s engine, I could hear nothing but the waves beating the port. It is nice to spend such peaceful moments sometimes.

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Very nice pictures. I really like the fishing port.
I will be heading to Spain this summer to ride the Pyrenees mountains.
Hope to someday get over to Japan.


Two Stroke
Ketch-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you.
To ride the Pyrenees mountains! What a wonderful trip you are planning! Do you plan to ride a motorcycle? Hope that you will have a great time!


Great photographs, looks like it was a great time.

I'd love to make it over there one day to do some riding.

As always I'm simply astonished at how you manage to keep that bike so clean. 5 minutes on the road and mine is a mess!


Two Stroke
strokerlmt-san, Motley-san,
Thank you! The beach road has very hard surface, we can drive as if it is the normal road.


Two Stroke
Thank you for your kind comment, as always!

Well, it is OK to get messy once on the road, while I am always trying to make it clean especially after exposed to the ocean solty winds.


Wonderful photos, as ever... thanks for posting, looks like it was
a great trip!