Official "Bonneville Seat" thread

I found(on eBay) what looks like a decent deal on a Corbin gunfighter to replace my stock seat. Can't wait to try it out next week.


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Sorry guys - I stopped visiting this page for a while so didn't see your question about my seat. Yup, British Racer in Italy is where I got it. Obviously it's been on the bike for over a year now, and still looks brand new. I keep my bike in my studio when not riding, but still ride pretty much every second day. I guess the seat is plenty comfortable because I never notice it. I did notice the stock seat - it was too wide. I can ride for ages no problems at all for my backside. It's my hands which complain, because of arthritis I fear. But the seat is great. I still have the BC Slammer but it never gets used.

You'll find it here:


Ive got a Factory Triumph cafe seat used twice ill trade for a Scrambler seat in same condition.


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Today I covered my stocker with some leather I got at Joan's fabric. We'll see if it last. If not I'll be in the market for a brown seat.
I didn't remove the stock cover, I just went over it. Not sure if that is the correct way of doing this.


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I'm very happy with my Triumph solo seat (Single Seat & Rack Kit - A9708097) first released on the Steve McQueen edition Scrambler.


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My custom-ordered Corbin came last week. In addition to asking for 1" lower and 2" wider for the rider, I asked for the passenger section to be made 2" longer (shortening the rider portion by the same amount. I've got plenty of room; the pillion says she wouldn't mind another inch (of seat!).

The comfort factor is many multiples better.


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OEM Seat with gel pad and Luimoto seat cover.