Official "Bonneville Seat" thread


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I've had more than a few seats on just about every Bonnie (and Thrux) we've owned. Figured, why not have a thread showing the seemingly endless number of seats you can put on our bikes.

If you have one yourself, please post it.

Here's old Blue, Scott's 2003 T100 with a Norman Hyde seat I recently picked up.

Scott's TT special with a Corbin Gunfighter and Ol Blue with a stock seat modified with a vintage cover on it.

My 06 silver Bonnie with a MAS race seat.

GF's Bonnie Black with a Corbin Gunfighter.

My 06 with Opal/Tang body work .. with a Thruxton seat/cowl.

snapped this one year at Barber's vintage m/c days. It's a Corbin Smuggler - brown saddle.




This thread is about seats...and it's a sticky... So I guess that would make this a "Sticky Seat" thread?!?



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Here's a pic of my Scram with the stock seat reworked by Sargent. I had 1/2" of the stock foam removed and 1-1/2" of their SuperCell foam added for a total height increase of 1" while maintaining as much of the stock appearance as possible. It sure FEELS different than stock though. The Sargent seat feels MUCH better. I had the stock top-to-bottom taper maintained as height was added, so the top is slightly narrower now. Better feel between the legs for sure. The new foam is comfortable but firm.



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How comfortable is the MAS seat?
the seat itself is very comfortable. The only reason I stopped using it was it's such a low profile, that it caused my old paratrooper knees to fold up into a jockey-like position and I couldnt stand the pain from it after a couple hours.

If you're vertically challenged, it's going to be a nice option for getting a much lower seat height.


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Thought I might add this , only found out today .

The Triumph King and Queen seat is about 1 inch shorter than the Stock Scrambler 900 seat that came on my 2007 . Was wondering why me and my misses didn't have as much room . Only today after switching back to the stock seat did I find out the reason or differance between the two .

I plan on sending out my stock seat for some added "spaceage" foam this site is chating up
Another Seat Option

G'day all from Adelaide South Australia.
I must say this is a great site, thank you all for the educational posts.
I am new to posting so I hope this works. The photos are of my 2006 T100,as you can see slightly modified. The seat is from VD Classic in France, a little hard but nice shape & quality. They are a little difficult to deal with so be very clear on what you are ordering, easier if you speak French. Most of you will notice the other mods on the bike.
I am going to try starting up an ACE CAFE type club here in Adelaide, so if you live in Adelaide and are reading this get on your bike!