Now this is cool! Personal cooling vest


This may be just the thing to beat the Texas heat and enjoy riding year round. I'd like to try one before dropping $300-400+ on it, but I might just have to pick one up someday. There are several different models to choose from.


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Try a techniche cooling vest first. They are only $30 and they work fine. I use one over a cotton shirt and under a vanson perforated light jacket. You need to re wet them about every 3 hours or so.


I guess I'm old school. I just doused myself with water and let the evaporation work. But the limits were humidity and time.


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We use something similar to that in our Bradley Fighting Vehicles when deployed. They work great. Even when you're air temp is sitting around 140-150ish in the turret.


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I've also seen guys with a neck gaiter or a pushed down balaclava that has been soaked in water. Works pretty well from what I've heard.
Does it come with a luggage rack to hold the giant pump/cooler?

There's a model that has a smaller cooler you wear like a backpack. It's all wearable. The one above has a larger cooling capacity and would be mounted in a tailbag, or on the passenger seat, etc.

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