Not sure if this is retro, neo-retro, or how to label it...


A couple of other US outfits using Chinese motorvation - probably more to come.

The Janus bikes look great... a little disappointing somehow they can't put something other than
a Lifan power plant in them. Reading through their website though, they outline the compelling reasons
for using this engine - they're already CARB and EPA certified and apparently reliable.

I hope these guys do well with their business. Their website states that most other components are sourced
regionally around the Indiana town where they're located, and I respect and appreciate that.
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looks pretty but for that money you could buy a nearly new real bike
True dat. Though once you go past the off-the-shelf china motor, most of what they are offering is as close to hand built as you get these days.

Unless you build it yourself of course. Which is the appeal makers like Ryca and Mac Motorcycles have with me...both those companies offer kits to help the DIY types build something most don't have the access and/or skills to affordably build on their own.


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Love the Ryca stuff! Mac is pretty cool too!
I like 'em too, but neither are working with a long stoke single motor...which is something I'd like to have for around town romps. The closest is the Savage motor, which is perfectly square and, frankly, a little less visually appealing than some other singles out there.

To the best of my knowledge, the only long stoke single made is the Enfield, which might be an option at some point if the quality continues to improve. AFAIK, its only on par with a China motor in terms of reliability. No reason not to own the real deal (i.e. a vintage single) if there's no benefit on the reliability front. And, yeah, this would be a nostalgia thing for me because my first motorcycle was a '51 BSA B33 and I simply miss having a thumping piece of crap to ride that makes you feel alive/grateful that have arrived at your destination. Leave early and clean. Arrive late and greasy. Ah, the good old days...