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Hey Gents, and Lasses!

I've been thinking for a while about getting some pipes that are more open than my TORs. Common thinking seems to be that the Predators are the shit, however to my eye they look a little too 'sportbikey', and I'm not at all sure they go with full sized rear fenders (and I'm not ready to cut my beautifully painted ones down yet!).

So, any thoughts on the degree of open-ness of some of the more traditional-looking choices out there? BC Sleepers, NH Togas, Burgess replicas, etc.? Anyone?


Oh - and if I find some I like, I'll have a nice set of ceramic coated TORs on the for sale section soon! :)


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I tried predators, but they were too loud and I didn't like the look or that they get in the way of saddlebags. I switched to sleepers and they are perfect and flow about the same as the preds. Look good, low, sound good and stainless steel.


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Geo- Is that the BC sleepers? Got any shots on your bike? Finish doesn't matter that much to me because I'll get them ceramic coated, and my bike lives in a garage, so rarely gets wet (except for bath time).

Oh - and how about the flow - you use bigger jets with them than with TORs?


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Koi, I loved those Sinclair shortys but he was already oob by the time I found out about them.


I love my sleepers...can't imagine the Bonnie without them. Traditional styling and I've never been hassled about the loudness, either.

Pics when I first put them on:
Sleepers002.jpg 07 BB.jpg

I received pipes from the first run. They've held up great and still look almost new.


.. Common thinking seems to be that the Predators are the shit, however to my eye they look a little too 'sportbikey', and I'm not at all sure they go with full sized rear fenders (and I'm not ready to cut my beautifully painted ones down yet!).

You definitely would not want to hack away at the paint on that gorgeous ride of yours, especially since you've come so far from those "dark days" of the all black bike. Once you find those perfect mufflers all you will need is to add a touch of Tornado Red. Not much, just a little right... there!;)

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I have opened the left end of the airbox to the inside diameter of the filter. unifilter, no snorkel, airbox restrictor removed.

132 main jets, 40 pilot jet, standard needles with one shim, three turns out. Live at sea level. Works great.

I have the same exact setup(although my bike came stock with Thrux needles) , elevation less than 500 feet - with stock pipes gutted. Runs great.


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I realize I didn't give enough info... I have removed the airbox, I think my current jetting is in my sig (I fiddle with it a bit). Bike runs just fine, but I'm getting ready to get the Pieman rework of my Gill ignitor, and I only want to pay for that once. :) So if there are higher performance pipes out there than TORs, that don't look as sportbikey as Preds, that's what I'm asking. I suspect answer is no, but hey I only looked on the internet for 3 years so far!!!


By the same token, anyone that *does* have Preds, on a Bonnie (not Thrux), with intact rear fender, I'd love a photo - side shot preferably.

Thanks gang!


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I understand what you are saying about predators however I am very happy with mine, good quality, traditional sound and they are really not exceptionally loud. They sit lower than the dominator touring exhausts as I have owned both. However it is dependant on the style and look you are after, good luck with your decision and let us know how it pans out cheers Ben Dickens


Ebay has some irregular EPCOs listed. I bought a pair of the EPCO upswept irregulars and the blemish was very minimal.


BlueJ, is there some way you can etch a chrome pipe to get better adhesion? I wouldn't think even a light sanding with wet paper would lend itself to a smooth finish in the end.


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Well I hand-sanded the chrome on my TORs before rattle-canning them, before sending them off for ceramic coating. I have no idea what the surface prep was in the ceramis shop, but they look fantastic. Really nice matte black finish.

A lot of respondents here are mentioning the sound. I don't care about the sound. I care about the degree of 'openness' which translates to how big my main jets will be and what settings Pieman puts in my ignitor.

When I talk about "sportbikey" I'm talking about the upswept look at the rear, not about the sound.

I'll look at the Epcos... any other suggestions for free-flowing pipes that don't look like ass?


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have had the sleepers for a couple years, they are the best for flow and sound, see my signature for setup. bike runs great, gpm is pretty good, if i don;t twist hard on the right hand, BC does sell the black ones, i think i saw them on thier site, got over 52,000 miles on bike with most of it using sleepers.