NewBonneville Idle Mixture Screws


Two Stroke

Adjusting the pilot screw (idle micture screw) for Bonneville needs D-type screw driver. By replacing the original pilot screw (the shorter ones) with NewBonneville Idle Mixture Screws, you can adjust the screw by fingers without tools. In addition, one can control the setting (rounds) by measuring the length of the screw that is exposed outside.


The product seems to be made with the excellent accuracy, and I have been using this for the last few years without any troubles.
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I have just had these fitted and they are very good, would have done them myself but one the original screws was seized solid so local bike shop had to drill it out for me,
i marked them with a sharpie but when I picked the bike up it had rubbed off.


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This is a definite recommended upgrade for anyone who does their own OEM carb adjustments!