New thruxton


It seems that the traction control on the new thruxton limits wheelies
The front wheel seems to hover around 1 foot off the pavement
Didn't notice an intrusion by the system It just seems that the bike was comfortable there.
No I'm not abusing a new, not broken in, bike; my son is.
That's his idea of a test spin


Rode another250 miles today.
Absolutely no complaints
The engine does put out some heat mostly on the right side.
It could use a larger fuel tank. I'm stopping for fuel at about 160 miles with 40+ in reserve
I could stay in the saddle longer.

Seems a bit silly to change the oil now when the next scheduled change is at 10000 miles
But I'll do it and have the dealer check for codes


I'm supposed to bring the new bike in for the first service today but I'm having second thoughts.
The dealer screwed up my Tiger so bad by installing the wrong map . that bike is unridable
I may play it safe and do it myself.
I'm not sure I want the dealer hooking up the bike to do a scan


I changed the oil and checked everything.
I'll have the dealer do a scan next week.
This bike uses the standard triumph filter.
Using liqui moly synthetic motorcycle oil


Fucking stealerships. I took my bike for the first valve adjustment years ago, they screwed up my cam cover gasket that wasn't leaking, didnt tighten a bunch of shit down, and then tried to tell me it was my fault. Never again. Did all of the services after myself.

Hope they can do a scan and not manage to butcher the thing. Glad you're diggin the new ride


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All I can add is that if I ever got a second bike it would be the new Thruxton R. Thanks for sharing!


Ok I got something to complain about.
​​I don't like the looks of the front brake rotors
The​​​​y are not full floating and are not styled to my taste.
Also the front brake moans when used hard in the wet.
It stops well enough it just complains about it
Damn this bike is comfortable!
I'm 67 and can ride it all day.
The ergonomics are so natural it just feels right
I can sit up straight while cruising through town and get down to it on the twistys or at speed.
I expected a quick blast weekend bike but this is an everyday bike.

The waxed cotton saddlebags look good but are a bit small: bring a bungee net to strap stuff to the back of the seat.
Rode 200 miles in the rain today. Gotta clean it tomorrow
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I took the bike to performance cycle in Shrewsbury ma today.
They performed the first service scan, reset the service logo and updated the tune.
No drama. No problems
And$10 less than the local guy quoted.
​​​​​Plus gas is cheaper in MA


I'm noticing a lot of heat coming off the engine or from the radiator.
The ambient temperatures have been high80s and90s so it may be a plus when it gets cooler


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I have just one - an '07 Bonnie (much modded) which i love. But I really like that new green Thruxton. No way could i afford one right now but one day... Enjoy the hell outa yours!


I do like the green looks much better than the upgrade model, but i do like what comes with the upgrade. Can anyone inform us of how much more grunt and wind the new 1200 has over the 965.
Also i understand there is a 6th gear, how much cruise factor does that extra gear give as the 965's 5 gears winds out very quickly.
Cheers KK


Had a first look at the thruxton this week at local dealer, lovely bike, riding position not as bad as expected in fact quite comfy. Dealer has sold 32 since it came out and says he could have sold over 60 if it weren't for the long lead time, looking at January next year now. I have 3 dealers within an hour of home and I'd assume they were all in the same position. Anyway I'l follow my head and not my heart (can't afford the extra 7 grand) and continue to upgrade my SE, next job TECbike suspention.