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Street Triple owner signing in! I promise not to take away from the Bonneville talk. I know this isn't but over there we got a section for everyone else who owns triumph in honor of the brand.

We don't spread our non speed triple bull around a whole lot. Everynow and then We may post a pic of a mod we have done on our bike.

Just let me know how you want me to behave and i will do as commanded.:D

besides, on the near future the old man may be buying a thruxton and then im stealing it from him! :eek:


Two Stroke

I'm sure the Dude will relent soon and give us a Triple Talk section in the Tech Talk area, until then the more the merrier just hang around in the Ace Cafe shoot the breeze post some Pickys (babes on bikes are always welcome)

Any way welcome


Two Stroke
We Got our own!

Cool.. cuz the Rodent House is Boring, and I'm too old for the sheenanigans and don't get most of the humour on the other site!:p
Triples forum please

R3TC owner here. I came to the dark side and liked it, but it sure would be nice to share info/experiences with other R3 owners.
How bout it Bonafide?
(Please don't send me back to the other site!):eek: