New product - Redesigned Triumph Oil Temp Gauges


We just received in our new batch of redesigned Super Corse oil temp gauges. These simply replace your oil fill cap. They fit all 2001 and up triumph classics including the new water cooled engines. These are a much lower profile than the original version. They also allow the top part of the gauge to be rotated 360 degrees for any viewing angle. These are available in black and silver, Fahrenheit or Celsius. With 10% discount they are $58.49 shipped. Available at

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Thanks for the update. What is the significance of the red band starting at 250F (or 120C)? Some modern classic owners say the with Triumph's recommended full synthetic in the crankcase, engine oil temps approaching - even exceeding - 300F are still okay. In really warm OATs, riding in stop and go traffic for any length of time, 300F plus peaks are likely, so having one of these gauges to tell you when your engine may be potentially overheating, seems like a good investment.


Oil temps in a liquid cooled engine are usually 212 to 217F at operating temperature
All synthetic oils and most dino oils are fine at those temps
Anything less will not boil off any moisture in the engine


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