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Greetings to all

With a January thaw of sorts today, I was finally able to pick up my 2014 Thruxton, in Brooklands Green. Dealer did the BC Predators, air injection and air box removal- what a piece of plumbing that is!! And now "Tess" is safely ensconced here in my garage. This is my sixth Hinckley, having owned a Trident 900, a Speed Trip, and three STs since '96. I'm thrilled with the bike, although I was only able to put 20 miles on, and that with a 3K RPM cap. More to follow, and I'm looking forward to corresponding with the group.


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Thanks for the welcome messages- this color really impressed me when I first saw it in print, and the actual bike is really sweet. Viewing hours last night and today have been extended! I've installed the black Pazzo levers that were on my last ST- an '08 in graphite, and removed the reflectors from the sides and rear. cleaned off all of the blue- colored inspection dots, and removed the various warning stickers form the swing arm and tank. I should have put a few extra miles on her yesterday, as it's snowing and much colder today- have the heat on in the garage for the girl. I've got a short list of farkles to attend to, and I'm waiting for the postman to deliver Hedge's eight ball choke knob! I'll get some photos when we can get out for a tonk.

Thanks, all

Denis aka denoose