New from Oz


Street Tracker
G'day all

new geezer to this forum from Melbourne Australia.

ride a 2008 black and white T100 Bonneville bought new late 2007 and have clocked up 13,000 kilometers so far.

from what I can see this is a great forum and will be spending some time on it.

have been riding all sorts of motor bikes for 35 years now and I'm a gear head by trade and profession, so hope I can contribute something worthwhile.
I know for sure I'll learn heaps from reading from other riders experience.

cheers, bonZa


American Infidel
Welcome aboard Bonza! Post up some pix of your ride when you get a chance. WE love oogling Triumphs! :)
Onya Bonza! Me & Cafecruzin have been the token Aussies here long enough. It's good to see some others finally arriving. These Seppo's just don't get our lingo.