New Bonneville owner from TX

Hi everyone, I have recently picked up a 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber with only 1200 miles on it. Now, while the bike is new to me, I registered on your forum to learn from you folks and get ideas on mods and add-ons.


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Welcome, Kenneth! Looks like you picked up a nice Bobber! Personally, I always look for a good used bike over new ones to get much more value per dollar.

I think the place to start on modifications is to think about what kind of riding you will do, and what your personal design sensibilities are. It may help to follow sites like - - - to see what others have done creatively to their bikes, and develop a prioritized list of what you want to do.

Based on my personal tastes, I would remove all the reflectors, replace turn signals and taillights with something more retro and streamlined. I would also remove the catalytic converter, replacing it with an X-pipe, and higher performance exhausts with a retune of the engine based on those changes... just to add a few more HP and improve the sound.

I would also replace the front rotor with an EBC floating rotor and high-performance EBC brake pads for better/safer braking power.

I am also not a fan of windscreens, so I would not go that route. I don't think a windscreen is in keeping with the original point and idea of a bobber. I like the feel of the wind hitting me in the chest and helmet. I doesn't take long to develop strong neck muscles when riding like this!