My homebrew D9 ripoff, with help from D9


A little while ago, my friend bought a Sherline CNC mill. Needing some nice shapes to cut our teeth on G-code programming, naturally I suggested we try milling a single mini bracket for my Bonneville :).

In order to keep the fun parts to myself, Seth obliged when I asked if he would sell me everything from his kit minus the two bracket pieces. Eventually our postal strike ended, Seth's cup, hardware, and gasket bits arrived, and I was ready to go. Seth even helpfully offered some dimension details for the bracket that slightly altered the plan I had made.

My friend and I finally got around to fabbing the bracket on Friday, and as you can see it is a familiar design for which I take no credit.

The new view from the cockpit:

This was a great first CNC project and I want to thank Seth for being so cooperative when he heard my plans. Looking forward to dreaming up some new CNC projects for my bike (like billet risers that actually have the right shape!).


Man, that turned out beautifully... outstanding CNC work... done on a Sherline, no less!
Very cool and good to work with you :rocks:


Kind compliments, thanks. I'm fortunate to have had lots of help from an experienced machinist with a well-equipped shop.

One more of the "handcuff":

My friend is an experienced machinist but he's been too busy to make much on his CNC in earnest. Watching that machine work is like waiting for toast to pop, but way more exciting. I think he's pretty chuffed about the possibilities, fabbing shapes that are extremely challenging for a manual machine and are now trivial. I sure am!

I learned a ton about the process simply figuring out how to set up the pieces and send the appropriate instructions to the mill after capturing the design in cad. Anyway it makes me appreciate the considerable effort that goes into making your nice pieces, CNC or no.
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