My favorite angle of watching Bonnie


Street Tracker
Apparently I'm a butt man....

thruxton (old rendition):

'71 R50/5 racer:

'71 R60/5

'71 R75/5:

I also appear to have a /5 bmw fetish. :eek:




Two Stroke
Thank you all for sharing funtastic photos!
D9-san: it would be very interesting to ride Bonneville on the circuit. It must be fun!
TriumphLance-san: I would love to try Speedmaster, the British American-style twin, sometimes. I assume the riding feeling should be very different from Bonneville, while the spirit of parallel twin engine remains.
bluesforchallah-san: Very nice angle! I should also try this angle!
beemerrich-san: I have had no riding experiences for BMWs, but I can tell that those BMW engines have structural beauty and extremely self-assertive in a positive way.


Apparently I'm a butt man....
Aren't we all :cheers:

Great pics Rich... all cool bikes

Roadmanbo... amazing how much fun a very modestly prepped T100
was on the track... fun while it lasted.
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