My Bonnie is a Star!


I work in the film industry, in the art dept. One of the first things you learn is don't use your own stuff,or it might be "altered" in an effort to get the shot.
I got a phone call last night from an art director friend of mine who needed a bike today for a shot. The Harley they had lined up was nixed by the Director. I rolled in on my Bonnie and they loved it. They wanted an actor working on it, I said no. I pulled the plug wire, put some black tape on the plug, and they had the actor gapping a different plug. I stayed on set for this whole shot to protect my baby.

I thought about all you old fuckers when I found out what the spot was for....


look for the NBR sticker in the background when it starts airing.
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look for the NBR sticker in the background
Product placement at its finest.
Hopefully nobody catches it and inks it out.
I think, if it make it to air, we should all pitch in a 1$ each for a round of beers.
You can a lot of drinking on $250.

As long as they don't have him chewing purple pills like Skittles, it's a good thing.