Mr. Pavement and I had a chat.


Well it's bound to happen, and it came back around to being my turn to greet Mr. Pavement.

I was following some friends back to their house on a straight stretch of road, about 50 yards behind them. It was dark, but in a somewhat residential area in Kirkland, WA right next to the lake. Minding my own business, actually obeying all traffic laws and cruising between 30 and 35 MPH. Next thing I know I'm facing the other way down the street, I tumble over once or twice, and end up sliding on my stomach for a short spell. I see the bike spin once and stop about 10 yards away. Thankfully I wasn't just cruising on my own. Friends stopped when my headlight was suddenly not behind them.

All I really remember is a jolt of the front end, applying the brakes hurriedly (not emergency braking but not casual coming to a stop either) nothing happening, and then a screech and tumble time. I found broken brown bottle glass embedded in the tire, and right where it happened. So part of me thinks I managed to hit a larger bottle just so perfectly that it send the bike up and to the side. That combined with my braking sent me down. However, we also saw lots of wildlife (raccoons, possums, etc etc) crossing the road so it could have also been wildlife. Not fun to say the least.

Bike only received damage to the left hand side; including the headlight trim bezel, the key snapped off in the ignition, clutch cover toast and ground down, gear selector snapped, gear selector linkage toast, shift shaft now dripping a tiny bit of oil so I assume that is bent, left handgrip and bar including electronic switches knackered. Seems the passenger peg bracket and the handlebar saved most of the bike, seat not torn, tank not dented or scratched.

I faired somewhat okay. My right knee is pretty well beat up. No sprain or knee cap damage, but bruised to shit. Minimal rash on my knee, touch of rash on my hip when my jacket slid up. Bruises but otherwise nothing broken, I got lucky and the gear did its job.

This was what i decided i earned after my discussion with the asphalt. nice fresh hop double IPA from a killer local brewery.


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Glad you are OK with only bruises. I went down (met Mr. Pavement!) at 30 MPH in November 2013 and broke my left ankle. Took 6 months to get back to any semblance of "normal" and my ankle will never be back 100%. Still, I can ride, and that's what matters! The insurance settlement gave me opportunity to make a bunch of upgrades! See more here: and and and and Feel better soon!


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Glad both you and the bike made it through with repairable damage. Unlike you, the time I went down was my own damn fault...riding to fast, too soon, on new rubber. Hard to save it when both ends come loose. Time to spend some time in the garage healing up and making her right again. Post up your needs for parts...


TX... arrghh... crashing sucks! Glad you're ok... gear worked like it should... heal up fast
as you're able, looks like the bike came through mostly intact.


Cheers y'all, I've also found some blood and hair on the bike, which corroborates the folks I was following saying they saw some animals in the median that I didn't, (target fixation trying to follow them) could've been an animal strike as well. Either way, it only takes a momentary lapse of concentration.

My main concern aside from the shift shaft, is the key broken in the ignition tumbler. It was my spare key, I still have the ID tags to make another, but I'd wager another tumbler will have to be installed and won't have a matching key set anyhow. That work will be done by Triumph here.

rbirkey, yup, I've already planned on some thomaselli clip ons and replacing the entire headlight with an led setup. I'll replace the pazzos that were on there, as they have been great. The knee isn't pretty but should be fine, although i am finding bruises everywhere else now! Sounds like I did luck out with no ankle issues as you experienced!

Beemerrich, I definitely will. I'm wondering now if I'll need new headlight brackets, but once I take everything apart I should be able to see if they are indeed bent.


Cheers Fender.

I must say the waiting on insurance game is bloody dreadful. Really hoping they don't total her out. Good news is, the shift shaft, unlike the old bikes AND the most recent iteration, the shift shaft doesn't require breaking the cases apart. But I also noticed I dented the tank ever so slightly on the right side, with I assume my knee, and my left side fork tube appears to be leaking fluid, or that was animal goo dripping out the bottom.


Well, she's got some parts ordered and repairs are underway. Making a few slight changes and improvements as well. New clip ons. . .with a little rise to them. . .hell maybe even heated grips. Shit. . .does that mean I'm getting old??!!?!?! Also upgrading to LED lighting upfront, no more makeshift sealed beam car headlight (still wayyyyyyy better than stock). New chain and sprockets as well. Hell, I'm actually opting for mirrors on her as well. . . She'll lose some of that stripped down look I guess, but I suppose be safer. . . .wow. Yup. I must be getting old.


Good to hear the bike will be up and running soon! How did you heal up?
The minimal road rash is healed up, still a bit tender and pink. I wrapped my right knee pretty well so the bruising didn't happen there, but below the wrap looked like it has been a few rounds with Cassius Clay, bruising is subsiding now and, full range of motion has returned. I'll have a hitch it my step and have limited ability to support heavy weights at full bend, I'm hoping that subsides over time. Can't skip leg day! Funny enough, it seems to be my other knee that pains me more now. Still tender and any rotation to the side is a little annoying to it.

Hell, with the idea about heated grips, clip ons with a little rise to them, and this. . . I guess I'm getting older.



Hope you are all healed up, and it looks like the bike will be soon!
Cheers! No ETA on the bike currently. I'm actually having a shop do some of the work as my space is limited. . . I've never had a shop do the work, but that's what insurance is for.

I'm nervous as all hell about it, needless to say, but I can't complain about not being on a chilly garage floor I reckon.


Well the cycle is back in my hands. Felt good to have a little hooligan time yesterday while the sun made an appearance.

Still a few odds and ends, new levers on the way along with a few other bits.

But I was hoping maybe one of y'all had the headlight bezel-surround?