More BMWs that look like a motorcycle...


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Yeah, I could see the naked version in my garage as well. I like that the motor is an air cooled, 360-degree twin and that it is fitted with conventional forks/cast wheels. Due to space and funding limitations, I'm not inclined to have multiple bikes in the whatever I'm riding has to be an all-arounder. Properly set up, this machine looks like it would be up to the task for everything from track days to touring. I also like that the motor is a bit more rev friendly than the liquid-cooled twins that triumph makes and would pull hard to redline like the original R9T.

The scrambler specs show it tipping the scales at 485 lbs. wet & w/ a full tank. Not bad for an 1170 cc, shaft-driven machine. I'm guessing the 'pure' naked would be about the same w/ probably a bit lower seat height & slightly shorter wheelbase. I'm not shopping right now, but this certainly is something that I'll keep an eye on...
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