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Street Tracker
Almost make we want another bike so I can put another one of your brackets on it. Easily one of the best mods visually that I did to mine.


Hi Seth, got your PM, can't seem to reply to it.

Ended up moving my GPS mount from the mirror stalk to the inside of the Givi flyscreen by flipping it over, mounting the AMP adapter to the back and then attaching it to the Givi bracket.

Here's a pic, I've since massaged the mount and flyscreen so that it sits a bit higher and to the left, exposing the entire screen. This was important, on the Garmin vehicle speed is posted on the bottom left corner and my speedo is wonky.

Also moved the USB outlet to the left, between the handlebar mounts, too much of bend on the Redband cord.

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That setup looks good! First time I've seen a GPS tucked deeply into
a flyscreen that way... fits with the asymmetric shape of the stock dash, you got
the viewing angle to work... probably almost completely invisible from
off the bike... cool.
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Hi Dave, bracket looks great.

I've been really happy with the GPS bracket I fabricated, at least I haven't changed it in over a year!

Here's what I wanted to mention, I have problems seeing my turn indicator light, the chin portion of my helmet blocks off the view of the OEM dash location of the little green light. I have to tip my head down to check if my signals are on, the light doesn't catch my eye in my normal head position.

I've been thinking of swapping out to LED's like I did I the Speedo guage (which really made a difference btw), but what would make a huge difference to me is actually moving the indicator light(s) to above the speedo and into my field of vision.

Just a thought Dave, keep up the great work.

Test assembly from earlier tonight