Merge the Bonneville Family of Twins


Street Tracker
the forum is made up of tech sections for Bonnevilles, Thruxtons, Scramblers, Speedmasters and Americas.

wouldnt it be better to merge all sections as after all they are essentially the same in many respects and suffer from similar tech issues

someone with a problem with their Bonnie may just search the Bonneville section when the answer lies in the Scambler section for eg, or a conversely someone with a lot of knowledge may only look into the section pertaining to their bike when they could offer assistance to some one with a tech problem on their Thrux.

I find that I rarely bother to look at other sections, just a quick look at the Bonnie tech to see whats going on, then out
Or you can do a search by topic using the main search function and it'll bring back all results regardless of what sub folder that they're located in.