Matt's 5k Thruxton tour August 2012


Well, this trip is still in the planning stages, have to do some maintenance to the bike first, but here are the initial plans and dates. Also where I might need a couch and shower from you fine folks. I'll continually update the thread as it gets closer and as time allows, on the journey.

August 9th Houston To Austin, TX to stay with family and cram in an overdue visit.

8/10 Austin, TX - Denver, Co (~950 miles) Stay with moto friends

8/11 Denver, Co - Boise, ID (~850 miles) ??

8/12 Boise, ID - Tualatin, OR (~450 miles) Stay with moto friends

8/13 Tualatin, OR - Seattle, WA (~190 miles) Stay with family

8/15 Backfire cafe bike night in Seattle
8/24 Opening of Ace cafe in Tacoma

8/26 Seattle, Wa - Tualatin, OR (~190 miles) Stay with moto friends

8/27 Tualatin, OR - Wendover, UT (~750 miles) Stay with moto friends

8/28 Spend on the salt flats

8/29 Wendover, UT - Leadville, CO (~600 miles) ??

8/30 Leadville, CO - El Paso, TX (~600 Miles) Stay with family friends

8/31 El Paso, TX - San Marcos, TX (~600 miles) stay with friend

9/1 San Marcos, TX - Houston, TX (~175 miles) Home

Haven't exactly planned out the routes but the way there is gonna be brutal, the way back will be where I really search for good roads and enjoy it.


Cafe Racer
If you are going to hammer out 950 miles on the first day, then you will need to puke out just another 50 miles so you can Iron Butt it on a Thruxton and have some unique bragging rights.


Well, it's 1000 miles in 24 hours, I'll have that no problem, however after a little research it has to be a sanctioned route or ride so I won't actually get IBA status


TT Racer
My band used to practice a couple blocks away from the backfire deal.. there were always a shit-ton of bikes out there, but I never knew what the deal was..