Lowering Handlebars bonneville 2018


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Im about to get my firts bonneville t100 2018.
Does anyone knows if i can lower the Handlebar? If yes, could you please tell me wich one should i buy.
The dealer told me that on 2018 models it cannot be lowed.
I’m looking for somthing that make it looks like cafe racer.


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Of course, you can put on lower handlebars.... you can do whatever you want... it's only a matter of time and money. The issues you will need to deal with are: making sure your control cables are long enough and making sure the bars/controls don't hit your gas tank when turned all the way left or right. Here is one handlebar source that I have used in the past for the air-cooled twins. http://bellacorse.com/product-category/parts-for-2016-triumph-water-cooled-motorcycles/chassis-parts-accessories-parts-for-motorcycles/wc-handlebars/ - The site owner (Michael Selman) is very knowledgeable about what works/doesn't work.


I put Flanders Clubman bars on, I love them. You do need to be careful on setup because they are low enough that in some configurations the controls can hit (and dent) the tank. My profile pic shows them.