LED rear light boards


Those of you who have swapped your Bonneville's rear light to one of the classic Lucas 564 style units (as used in many of the FEK's supplied by Maundspeed etc), may wish to check out our custom LED rear light boards:

These LED boards were originally developed for classic bikes and consume virtually now power, but at the same time they are brighter and more visible that a standard bulb. They are way better than any generic LED 'bulb' since they have been designed specifically for this type of rear lamp.

Here are some pictures for you to take a look at....

James :)



Full installation instructions for the LED light board can be found on the MatchlessClueless website here (very simple, they just plug straight in!):

Also people have asked to see some photos of the LEDs in use. Taking photos of really bright LEDs is actually quite difficult, so apologies that these aren't the best shots ever. But hopefully they will give you some idea of just how bright the boards are and how well they light up both the rear lamp and the number plate unit below.

Any other questions, then please drop me a message.