last ride for a while

Lone Trumpet

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Sorry to hear about the bum kidney, Mr. Bing. Best of luck w/ the surgery, and hope you have a speedy recovery. Don't give the nurses a hard time unless they deserve it.


Two Stroke
Thank you all for the well wishes. I had asked my daughter to post an up date but she didn't know where to put it.

The transplant was a success. The new kidney, low miles one owner, is working very well. Been up and moving since yesterday morning. The soreness is all but gone and the docs say if I keep progressing as well as I am, I should be released on Saturday.

Sad news is they said I will probably not be cleared to ride until at least 4 months from date of surgery. In Idaho that puts me off the bike until spring unless we have a warm winter. That means I can at least strip the front wheel and get it powder coated white and the foot pegs, passenger and rider, powder coated black. Some brackets made for the saddlebags and a few more things done.

I will post more, but it is time for the 5:00 under the hood check.

Thank you again for the thoughts and well wishes, they have helped immensely!


Cafe Racer
That is awesome to hear! Give yourself time to heal properly and you will be ripping up the miles in no time and will continue to do so.

Oil Burner

Glad it went well and you're up and moving a bit already. Here's to a speedy recovery :cheers: , but don't push it too hard. Take it easy and recover fully.

As for the beginning posts, :kewl:

Mike Britton

Two Stroke
My cousin was a renal (sp?) paitent, and even with no kidneys, made Sturgis, and Oshgosh every year. He planned dialisis stops all along the way, and motored right along.
Congratulations on being free again !!