Jake's Ride to Julian, CA


Hi All;

Last weekend I had a ride to Julian, California with my son, son-in-law, 2 grandsons and friend Ed. We left on Friday from Anaheim and rode across the 91 Freeway to the 15 Fwy to the country road to Julian where we had lunch. No Apple Pie though as the lunch was more then enough to fill the void, even for the 20 year old grandsons.

The return ride took us down to Escondido and back to the 15 Fwy north. Big mistake, as we were involved with the Friday afternoon commuter traffic as well as the start of the three day Presidents Holiday Weekend getting out of town traffic. It took us 2hours to cover 43 miles, just south of the 91 Fwy.

From there the traffic flow was 70 to 75 mph to the Euclid Ave off ramp, then cross town traffic to home.

I'm from the Central California area and haven't ridden in traffic like that since I retired and moved to the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The reason for the ride was my youngest grandson is getting married in March and joining The Marines in April so we wanted a family ride before those events.

Even with all the traffic we had a wonderful time and ride which may never happen again.

The next day Saturday we all rode to Ojai for the day. Another great ride. Our rides consisted of 3 Yamaha Viragos, 1 Honda Fury, 1 Honda CTX1300 and my 2012 Triumph T100 Bonneville.

I'm hoping I get to do another ride in So Cal with my family in the near future, except one grandson who will be in The Marine Corp Boot Camp at Pendleton.


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There is a bitter sweetness reading a ride report like this when you just get done having 6 inches of snow crap down on you! :mad:

Good on you getting out on a ride to see the grandkids. Sounded like a blast.


I agree, it's nice to read a ride report like this after shoveling two driveways and a sidewalk today.



Hey you two, B06Tang and C908, hang in there as it's already March and Spring is just around the corner then you'll be :sportbike:.
Awesome. Had I know I would have given you great ride alternatives (more backroads to avoid traffic) to get back to Orange County


Jake's Ride to Julian

Just an update to this Thread.
Jake and his fiancé, Morgan were married on March 21, 2015 and on April 13 he joined The Marine Corp.
All went as Jake and Morgan planned.
I hope to get another ride with him in July when he graduates from Boot Camp.
To be continued.