I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

Looking GOOD OT, and good to see you around here!

Thanks D9...and LMT! What do you think of my DYI ignition bracket? ;)

Here's one more shot...



Great shot of the bike and damn nice dash DIY, super clean... great work!
Interested to hear any details about the ignition, looks non-stock. If there
was something close to plug & play out there it'd be a game changer.
The stock Hinckley ignition has always been an awkward, chunky little beast to
work with, partially due to the oversize mounting tabs... have spent
years wrestling with it!
Pulled the bike out to go for a ride and enjoy the upper 40s low 50s sunny day. Pulled the enricher turned the key and hit the starter button and gas squirted everywhere. This was weird as I had just run and idled the bike for a couple minutes the night before and there were no signs of anything wrong.

Not wanting to spoil the day, I pulled the wife's Iron 883 off the battery tender and pushed it out to ride instead. However, I found myself not really enjoying the ride as my mind kept wondering and thinking about the fuel leak on my bike. Then it clicked..."I bet it's the feeder hose from the tank to the fuel injectors". So I b-lined it back for home and sure enough, the hose somehow had come unlocked (orange tab) and slipped towards the end of the fitting.

5 minutes later and the bike was running again and I was able to get out and enjoy the day.

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Good end to a bad beginning... amazing how the mind
works to troubleshoot things, whether you're conscious or not,
and I'm glad mine still does... most of the time :D :up:
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I wasn't too keen on the fork mounted LED turn signals so I picked up another set to match the set I already had in the rear. I was able to mount them to the after market headlight ears, removed the lower bracket below the headlight and remounted the horn up under the tank where all the AI plumbing used to be.

A much cleaner look me thinks.



I switched the exhaust system, with Staintunes, from the Thruxton to the T100.

I had a Dunstall (TEC/Arrow) 2-1 system on the T100 but it just didn't look right. I put it on the Thruxton. It looks much better on the Thruxton in my opinion, and crucially it sounds much better on the Thruxton too.



I agree that the Staintunes look much sweeter on the Bonneville. I had a set on my 05 and really enjoyed them.

Both bikes make my heart sing :D


I have done all but one thing to customize my bike shown here in its present appearance. The only thing left to do when my available funds allow is to replace the stock (jet black) side panel covers with an identical set painted aluminum silver. I believe the latter would be a much better color match to color of the stock painted fenders. Or, I have the option to put on chrome side covers instead. However, too much chrome on the bike will look out of place, so I'm leaning toward a set of silver covers.

P.S. Is there a way to increase the atachment file size to greater than 97KB???


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Motley I agree with you, bikes look good. I loved my stain tunes and wish I had em.

The Staintunes are top quality and I'm sure will last a lifetime. They sound bloody awesome too!

Interesting change-out, good results... sweet pics, beautiful bikes...ya lucky fella you :D

I'm very happy with the changeover. Surprisingly the 2-1 system sounds much better on the Thruxton. The T100 sounded like a raspy 450 MX with the 2-1 system.


My 2016 T120

Coast to coast to coast on my new Bonneville First is Atlantic second is Pacific and other. Fred V Bonaire, Ga.

Sorry for all the posts, to me this forum formate is difficult to work with, it is probably me! Any tips on how to make this easier to navigate and upload photos would be great! :) thanks
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Krystal...you're doing fine with pics from what I can see!

Love the photo in the back of the truck... you
look like you're not getting off that bike no matter what!

The older Honda looks cool, like the custom paint on the tank... bet it's
not getting much attention lately though with the Bonneville in the garage...