How to use an apostrophe

I admit it. I'm a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi. I can't turn it off. Here's a little something to help remind you guys about the correct way to use everyone's favorite punction mark: the oft-misued apostrophe. Seriously, some of you guys really fuck this up. I won't name any names....Bring on the hate.



I think automatic spelling correction has made us lazy. We just don't think about correcting or proof-reading anymore. Even worse is this freaking auto-correction on my iPad. I like it until it fixes words I don't want fixed.

Sometimes when I find an error I made in an old forum posting I go in and fix it, even weeks later.





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Would someone please explain to me the demise of "pros and cons?" Apparently they do not exist anymore, but have been replaced by stupid-sounding "pluses and minuses." I hear it in conversations, news broadcasts, or pretty much anywhere opposing views are being presented. I don't expect us all to walk around speaking Latin or quoting Socrates and Plato, but really? It's as if we ain't got no culture.

(Note: I edited this post twice, once to insert a question mark at the end of the first sentence and again to change "plusses" to "pluses," although both spellings appear to be acceptable.)
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Well, as long as we're venting our pet peeves...

"Hey, can you borrow me a dollar?" The word is "lend".
Likewise, don't lend an item from someone, borrow it from them.

The word is "frustrated", not "fustrated".

The word is pronounced "streNGth", not "strenth".

Oh, and "calvary" is a hill somewhere, "cavalry" are those guys on horses.