How to change your handlebars


TT Racer
This is the method that works for me - opinions may vary...but I learned through trial & error, so if you haven't done this before, pay attention or you'll be repainting your tank and cursing the bastards who invented handlebars.

use a towel or a pad. trust me, you want to do this.

2)remove barends / weights / mirrors...whatever you have at the ends of your bars.

3)remove the clutch (left) side controls. there are 2 screws and 2 allen head bolts - remove those and the lever and assembly come right off.

4) unscrew the allen head bolts on the throttle side. the throttle assembly should slide right off. if you have longer than stock bars and stock cables, you may have to wait till later to remove the throttle assembly. just leave it loose.

5) remove the left hand (clutch side) grip. I usually slide the tube from a wd 40 can under the grip and give it a few squirts, then slide a small screwdriver under the grip, twist a little, and it comes right off. wipe off the excess wd40 and set the grip aside.

6) remove the allen head bolts on the handlebar clamp (riser) - support the bar as you loosen these bolts. once the bar gets loose enough to move, it can easily fall and scratch/dent your tank. (See Step 1)

once the clamp bolts are out, remove the top half of the clamp and the bar, sliding the throttle assembly off if you did not do so earlier.

7) install the left hand grip on the new bar. I have found it easier to install by standing the new bar on end and pushing straight down. Some people spray hairspray on the inside of the grip to help it slide on and stick in place. I never do...your choice.

8) slide the throttle assembly onto the bar. leave it loose for now.

9) install the clamps - torque the bolts to 26Nm - tighten the front first then the rear. I usually install them loosely, sit on the seat and move them into the position I want, then tighten.

once the bolts are torqued, you can remove the pad from the tank.

10) tighten the clamps on the throttle assembly, install the clutch side controls, re-install your bar-ends, and you're done!

Legal disclaimer: don't try this on a moving motorcycle :D