How old and how many years have you been riding?


I'll be 50 this Saturday, started riding in 1974, got my license in 1980, got married in 1983, sold my bike in 1984. Bought my first new bike and started riding again in 1999. This time, I'll quit when I can't throw a leg over a bike.


Turned 62 in March and bought myself the '07 T100 for my 58th birthday. Bought my 1st bike, a '65 Honda CB160, at age 16, and my 1st Bonneville, a '70 T120R, at age 19. Got off bikes a few years while raising the family but have ridden most of my life.


Aaah Jeeze!

Well if you must know, Started riding in 1959, at 16, a sophomore in high school, rented Honda Dream in Japan, and never stopped, turned 70 last September and still riding.
Now that I think of it I'm fucking old.....but it still feels mighty good to throw a leg over....
Let me fill in a bit, when my brother and I were in our teens, and in Arizona, my dad got a 'Tote Goat" kind of low geared, two wheeled backwoods rider, that was the first Dad got a Lambretta scooter and we were allowed to ride it, while riding it, I found a cool Triumph Tiger Cub and fixed that up and rode for a while, on through college.
After college I moved to Milwaukee with our family and once I got established and moved to my own place and got a Honda Scram to play with, then a Yamaha Big Bear Scram, and then a Suzuki x6 hustler (this from a guy who thought it was broken cuz it couldn't go fast, a six speed two cycle...he was dogging it and it pissed him off so he sold that cheap..) From there moved to Chicago and picked up a nice 68 sportster, that was stolen and about that time moved to Florida where I got a 71 Bonneville with TT pipes and rode the dog shit out of that for a few years. Sold that and picked up a basket 67 Norton Atlas (that one I wished I had kept it) and along with that a Hodaka 125 dirt bike, then a Kawi 150cc trail bike. Rode the Norton quite a while and went with another 74 Bonneville which I had for years and eventually sold. Picked up a beauty 67 Bonneville and rode that most of the time until recently, five years ago, picked up a Bonneville (2007) and still have it, mounted a sidecar and ride it even now.

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I'll be 63 next month. Started riding on my '72 BSA in 1977 and still have it. Got a 1979 XS1100 in '81 rode that awhile and sold it. Had a XL250 for a while in the '80s also. Stopped riding for a while during the '90s but started back again around 2005. Bought a Triumph BA and sold that and now have the '07 Bonneville and the BSA's. My son and I went in together on the '70 BSA a couple of years ago.


I am 59 and started riding at 15. Dang, that is 44 years as a rider? :eeek:

My 2001 Bonneville has been with me a long time now, the 09 Daytona since Sept. 09. The best of both worlds I say :)

Since my riding time has been rather long, let's say that I have owned many bikes. Two brands I never have owned are Kawasaki & Ducati and that doesn't bother me one bit HA!

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I'm 48. Had a Suzuki RM125 in high school. Loved messing around on that thing in the woods with some friends. Good times! Had a Honda Nighthawk 650 in the 90's. Put over 30,000 miles on that bike. Loved it! Just bought my 03 bonnie about 3 months ago! Can't wait for the weather to warm up. I've ridden about 300 very cold miles on it so far.


43. Started riding at 16, one season only. Honda CB350 four.
picked up another bike at 26 for 2 seasons. Honda 450 Nighthawk.
Picked up an America 2 years ago.


62, first bike was a 57 Indian Hounds Arrow in '64 and never got off
still riding my 70 BSA, 79 Triumph and 85 BMW along with my 05 Thruxton and 06 Speed Triple
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49 (50 in August...). I had my motocycle license a week after I turned 16 in 1977. Rode till I was about 25, than took a 20 year hiatus and bought my America in 2003.