how many miles this year?


Cafe Racer
My mileage down right stunk this year with everything that has been going on but I am on a mission to change that next year! :D


Street Tracker
I totaled my bike at the end of last riding season so I had some rebuilding to do, but I still managed to get in a few thousand miles. Not as many as I would have liked, but better than it could have been


Street Tracker
Not enough riding this season. Too many issues resulting from an unwanted job change because of an inept manager that was very adept at pointing the finger at everyone else, except herself. Only managed to clock 3800 Kilometers / 2300 Miles this season. I haven't packed up the bike just yet even though we go hit with an arctic front. There is a good chance that the weather will go above freezing again. I found myself regretting not being able to get out enough this year. There is always next season but that is almost five months away. Here's hoping.


Unfortunately 0 for me been a busy year with the birth of my first child and a major move. Hoping to get some projects buttoned up this winter and get some riding in next spring.