How do you use your bike?


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It's close to primary mode of transportation, 25,468 miles in 4 1/2 years...with the longest 'Road Trip' being 230 miles round trip...I hate long rides...they're boring to me. Haven't ridden much as of another project that get's most of my attention, and I can't haul around the parts with the Bonnie...


Street Tracker
Ha! :lol3: Very well said, koi.

I was riding behind a pack of them, on the way home from work this week, trudging along at 50-55, at one point one of 'em was doing the bird (like from the movie "Easyrider"). At one point, I can take one of 2 roads home... I was thinking, ok, which way are these guys going so I can go the other way!!! (they took the good road, dammit)

yes well said koi. :beer:


I use my bonnie for everything except for trackdays. I have a ZX7R and Ducati for that. I commute rain or shine, run errands, tour, daytrips, etc. Being in North Carolina, I can ride 12 months out of the year. This past winter was the coldest since I've been here (05) and it was just right for my snowmobile suit.