Hello from the snowy Sierra


In the early 70's a friend had me take care of his 1970 Bonneville for a year. I remember how well that bike felt and how riding it it was as if it knew what I wanted and it just performed. But, when he returned and got the bike back I was back to riding my Honda 550-4. It too felt good but it was not a Triumph.

Now, years later, I still cannot get the Bonneville out of my mind. The 1970 obviously had spoke wheels and carbs. It never leaked a drop and always started on the first kick. So, before more years go by I feel it is now or never for a Bonne. I will have to sell one of my current bikes to make room in the garage but that is life.

The big question is - look for a low milage 2004 to 2008 or go for the EFI newer models? I am leaning toward the earlier models based on my experience with the 1970 being so trouble free. I just need to find an independent shop who knows carbs and hopefully the Triumph. My experience with dealers has not been wonderful, cars or bikes.

8 feet of snow in the drive right now and it is still coming down so have a bit of time to search.


Go new or at least EFI! Especially if you're living up the hill above the snow line.
You would notice a distinct lack of response on a carb bike tuned on the Sacto valley floor, up at Donner's elevation, vs. an EFI edition.

Check out Elk Grove Powersports or Euro Cycle in Reno
Go for the newest model year lowest mileage you can afford. Less potential for problems. I agree that EFI will be better for you if you're riding in varying elevations. I'm so smitten with the new Bonneville, I just cleared out my garage (sold a Honda and a BMW) and just bought two 2014 Bonnevilles ! (I'm keeping one at separate properties 175 miles apart)


OK, I get it. Thanks for the input. Our home is at 6,550 based on GPS reading. I can ride over a 9,000 foot pass or get as low as 2,000 in Grass Valley. I love the look of the T100 but pretty sure I will be looking for an SE. Choice of tires for the wheels is one consideration among several. I will be selling my Honda but keeping my Ninja. I ride with a neighbor on his Ducati sometimes and I still cannot keep up. Well, he is 20 year younger. :) And was a racer in his youth.

I don't put on many miles each year, a few thousand is all. No Iron Butt me. 250 mile day and I am done. All my previous bikes have been what are now called naked or traditional so riding without a fairing or windshield does not bother me.

Not everyone I ride with has a sport bike.
The hunt is on!



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I have a buddy living nearby in Alta/Dutch Flat, we were roomies at Feather River CC in Quincy, in 1970, very familiar with the neighborhood...