Hagon 2810 Rear Shocks


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articsea - I was in the same boat - wanted improvement without breaking the bank - talked with Michael at BellaCorse and Sean at British Customs plus my shop guy who used to do the Thruxton series races and I ended up with a set of Hagon 2810's in the Thruxton length with the 20kg spring (same as stock) for my 06' T100. 3 position preload and 10 click rebound adjustment works great for the fast open roads here in western Colorado and the surrounding mountains nearby. I rarely carry a pillion on this bike. I'm 5'9" with a 31.5" inseam and still touch the ground acceptably, but not flat footed, and weigh 175 - 185 with gear. The shocks are a vast improvement over stock and offer enough adjustability for the street and the occasional track day at Miller in Utah. I was willing to spend more to get the performance I wanted, $500ish, - and considered Ohlins, Progressives and Works custom built, and was able to get a ride on the basic Progressives and the basic Ohlins but found the rebound adjustment on the Hagon 2810's to make all the difference for me - otherwise I'd say the shocks are similar in how they handle, though the Ohlins were in the stock length on the bike I rode, Progressive's were Thruxton length. The Works shocks were a piggy back design on my buddies Thruxton racer, so not really in the same ballpark, but great for the track. Cost for the custom Works would have been more towards the $400 - $500 mark for what I wanted. I've had excellent service from a number of the retailers noted on this site - and spend my money at all who specialze in the new bonnie products - but I have to say that Michael Selman at BellaCorse really is top notch - and no I have no relation other than being a customer. Hope the mini review helps.

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I love my Hagons but I have the Classics. I don't love the squeaking though.

What's this squeaking issue you speak of? I've not heard of this before and I am looking for rear shocks. This a problem for anyone else or does he have a one of a kind issue from his Hagon's?


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Its metal on metal, I really think it's the shrouds themselves, because I had some hagons that wrer unshrouded and quiet.


I believe in another forum it was uncovered that it was the shrouds that were either contacting each other, or the spring was contacting a shroud. There was a solution devised, but can't remember what it was just now.