Funky sounds.


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I'd been noticing for a while that my Bonnie made a funky sound like a grind or a crunch on low speed sharp turns (like into my drive way). And the other day when I pulled it in to the garage after the Bennington run I noticed it seemed worse. I was too tired to look at it, but today I checked it out after work.

Would you believe that the entire rear brake disc just wobbles loosely??? The dang bolts aren't even tight!!!! I'm starting to think it's been that way since.. well.. since I got the hubs p/c-ed 3 years ago!! Yikes! I don't use the rear brakes much, but you know I'm going out there now to crank that puppy down!

Shit. Almost buying the farm trying to keep up with the 'Lass who was doing a pretty good job keeping up with Tito and the boys on the sportbike run through the twisties was bad enough!!!


Loctite loctite more loctite....torque em till they strip...loose shit scares me.
Nice catch before something happened.


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I'm glad nothing more serious came out of this BlueJ; this is why my paranoid mind doesn't trust anyone and the first thing I do when I bring a bike home is go through it from head light to license plate. Even with the's a Bonnie; she's going to vibrate somewhat....nothing like a Meriden Bonnie but there is still vibration. Then of course there are the 'I'm a dumb shit' syndrome by some of these people putting them together. It's freaking scary what you can find...


Blue Haired Freak
OMG totally scary. Those bolts were finger-removable!!! I guess the worst case would have been they came totally loose and the rear brake disc just floating and making noise - I use the front about 90% of the time anyway.

But I got em' cranked down pretty tight now!!!!


Lucky man BJ, if that sucker had come loose.....well, it's kinda difficult to keep the bike in a straight line with the rear wheel locked up. Glad you caught it in time.....
ON second thought, hell, you may have had one of those expensive "free floating" kinda disc for nuthin...!....Ahem.....


Man, BlueJ...if that rear assembly had come completely off, there's a multitude of things that could have happened...none of them good. Glad to hear everything's okay now. Good catch.


yea lock tight is what you need .The stock ones have it on the blots so bad you have to heat the bolts to get it to melt to get them out.


tighten the bolts, in a criss/cross pattern, to 22NM , 16.226342729860896 foot pounds, and use blue or even red loctite
if you use red use just a smidge
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+1 on Loctite (and there are other 'thread locking' compounds); but you don't need to use the stuff that requires heating to remove. There are several 'flavors' of the product. I don't recall the particular flavor I use (bought a jug many years ago, and you can't even read the label any more); but I use it on pretty much every bolt on every bike any time I work on them.

On this topic, whatever Triumph uses does not require heating; but it seems to do a good job.

Make it a habit. I carry a small tube with me in my tool bag - just in case.


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Yeah, good find. Thanks for posting.....reminds us all to take a closer look when you hear something or things just seem a little different. There's usually a reason.