Front fender help

I want to change out my front fender to a shorter scrambler style fender but I'm not real sure how to mount it. All the fenders I have seen don't come with any mounting hardware but say to use the factory bolts. My fender in riveted on in the center between the forks so do I have to drill out those rivets and replace them with some type of bolts?
look at your front fender from ground level there should be two bolts on each side of the front fork that attach the front fender to the fork. these are the bolts they are referring to as Factory bolts. there is a small sheet metal brace that ties the two fork legs together it bolts to the fork sliders and its riveted to the front fender.
I cut my stock fender on my 2012 Bonnie and had it repainted. It's really pretty easy if you plan carefully and take your time. No new brace or mounting issues.


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Here is an article on my personal blog that shows how I converted a stock front fender to a bobbed short fender on my 2008 Bonneville which uses a plastic fender. I'm not sure what year they switched from steel to plastic, but you might be able to pick up a used one online from Craigslist, eBay or Rubber Side Up.