First time working through a dealer. Also first Triumph.

So I'm 20 and my old Virago cafe project has served me enough at this point. Figured it's time to buy out of a dealership and a Euro-cycle in my area is offering up a street twin. offering the old demo bike to me at 99 a month. They want it out of their shop and it's October. Being that the chilly season is coming and I'm a poor college student we thought something like that might be in order. I dunno about all this though. I definitely wanna make it a little more urban.

Anywho. if y'all got some customizations on your bikes I'd love to see them. Also street cup owners with long-term opinions. I'd love to hear your opinion.


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I don't know where you live, but I would recommend that you consider a used Triumph Bonneville. You will generally get more for your money and still get a very reliable, fun and cool bike. The Street Cup is nice, but it is based on the newer liquid-cooled engine design which is more complex and requires more dealer level maintenance. All of the 2001-2015 air-cooled Bonneville models are still very cool, easily customized, more affordable, less expensive to maintain, and every bit as reliable.