finished my thruxton build


It does sit a little low in the front as the forks are not as long as the stock forks.
Curious questions:
Do you know how much lower?
Lower rear shocks to compensate?
Concerned about cornering clearance?
My Son and I have the ST3 forks in the gunsight for one of our builds.
We just need ammo before we pull the trigger...
Allin and Nick...


I don't know how much off the top of my head, but not very much. I originally had a set of daytona forks on it which where even lower. The street triple fork are taller but can't remember by how much. I currently had the street triple forks 5mm through the top triple as the bike handled a bit better as I have a wider rear wheel. For the rear shocks I'm running the standard thruxton length but the progressive 970's (great shocks!!). I haven't had any issue with cornering clearance at all.


Cool looking machine vitz and a quality build. The upside downs on the front are probably one step further than I'm planing to go with my Thrux, but I bet she handles amazing.

Great job dude.