Feeling 05:00am-fresh air


Two Stroke

After the rainy season, this year’s summer has already arrived in Japan. In these days, it has been very HOT during daytime, and the best times for Bonneville riding is either early morning or after dark.

Waking up early in Sunday morning, it was indeed just a great times to feel a lot of fresh air.
Very poetic, thanks for sharing that.

Nothing better than getting up early, guzzling a cup of coffee and hitting the road in the early cool dry morning with the roads all to yourself. The hardest part... getting up, but once you do, oh the rewards...


Oh am I ever so jealous! Fantastic shot! I need my bike to be that darn clean! She's starting to show the miles. I understand the heat and not wanting to ride in it (lately 100F and really humid here) sometimes a good early morning ride and sliding home about lunchtime is just what the doctor ordered!


TT Racer
nice pic roadmanbo. You are very proficient in photo manipulation and composition. Is that your career or hobby?


Road.....thx as always for the picture. I really enjoy your photography.
PS....D9 creates "bike jewelry" Roadmanbo creates "bike picture art"


Two Stroke
Thank you all for the kind responses!
bluesforchallah-san and TriumphLance-san: Yes, indeed "The early birds gets the worm!".
Texas94fs-san: We do have nearly 100F (35 degree C) during daytime in Japan.
Motley-san: The road is relatively new, running through the countryside in Shizuoka, Japan, while looking rice fields.
2wheelsdown-san: I usually carry the compact camera, RICOH GR digital. It is a compact and very handy camera capable of producing good pictures.
whyme-san: Thank you. The photgraph has been one of my hobbies. As you mentioned, I have modified the picture slightly with the software.
strokerlmt-san: Thank you for your kind compliments! I would love to show my pictures in this forum from time to time!