Farley and Ace damper


So I have had both the F Ace yolk/steering damper and the "other one" external 14 snap piston and have been playing with each for awhile.
Two thumbs up for the F Ace. 1) very nicely made 2) easy to install 3) nice clean look no hanging out there bits 4) great retro Bonneville/Tri look. The only small negative is with bar risers the top knob is a tiny bit hard to turn quickly. But I have gotten to know my bike so well that I can adjust the tension pre ride for that ride.
The external one. Works well but looks ugly. Has caught shit when I am loaded for a trip.
Thx Farley Ace
'press on"


Street Tracker
+1 and thanks for the comparison. I love my Farley and Ace friction damper too, but I have never had a hydraulic unit to compare it with. :cheers: