Fairings, Brackets and Electrics Advice Needed


I am after some advice from people who have fitted racing style bullet fairings to their Thruxton/Bonnevilles..

I have made a bracket to mount the headlight in a fixed position. (See Attached Picture) This bracket in located on the headstock and is secured to the frame's webs behind the headstock using hooks made from 4mm sheet. There will also be brackets from the side of the bike to the lower arms of the fairing.. Still undecided on how I will support the upper arms of the fairing and have given some consideration to machining a pivot bolt and arms to the headstock nut as one option.

I have relocated the ignition to between the dials using a D9 raised instrument bracket (Very Nice bit of kit)

I now have / foresee an number of issues and wondered how people who have fitted such items have resolved the problems I face. Any pictures you have would also be a great help.

1) Now the head light is fixed I note that a some of the wires now have a lot of excess movement with the forks movement. These will obviously suffer from fatigue within a short period of time..

2) The Regulator is one of these items and the wires would suffer a lot... I have given some thought to removing the regulator & Indicator fork yoke bracket and welding a new location bracket on to the underside of the new headstock bracket (I hope that makes sense). This would locate the bracket forward of it's current position and hopefully will not be hit by the movement of the front forks. The indicators would be attached to the fairing.. This could affect the shape of the fairing which does concern me. I AM INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLES SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM.....

3) The wiring to the Speedo, Rev Counter and the Ignition on the underside of the raised D9 Bracket is very tight and will also fatigue with the Yokes/Forks movement.... At the moment it looks very sweet but needs a solution... I have thought about welding another extension on to the top of the new Head Stock bracket and mounting the D9 Bracket to it so that the instruments & ignition will be in a fixed position.... I have concerns that the Headstock Bracket will start to have a lot of weight to deal with before the front of the fairing is even attached.... I AM INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLES SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM.....

4) The front brake line is very tight when the forks are on lock. Have considered running it under the bracket and dropping the handle bars a bit (Currently in a more raised position)... I AM INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLES SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM.....

I knew this project would throw up some interesting issues but was a little surprised that every solution creates a number of other issues..

I have not even got on the fiber-glassing stage yet... I did think that the brackets would be a simple job... lol..

All help, suggestions and advice is most welcome....


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Move your R/R to the battery box and attach your gauges to the bracket that is now holding the headlight.

Ditto….I have the R/R under the seat and on the bat box…….D9 s--t fantastic…..even if you have to add a spacer or two to make it fit do it…..best



Old photos...perhaps helpful... apologies can't find
details of the conversion, will keep looking.

Also, scrolling down this page at Farley & Ace... quite a bit of interesting looking hardware with their fairing kit,
also mentions they do custom brackets for other fairings, may be willing to help...





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RR ???? Regulator?

D9; thanks for the pictures.... I note the dial are still mounted on the yokes. Which causes a problem. Will check out the link.

Clean looking installation. But hate the way the headlight is uneven I the fairing which is why I didn't opt for that fairing for my project.
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Working on my Bullet Fairing project, I am currently on Fairing Main Bracket version three. This is to secure as much of the wiring harness as possible to prevent movement fatigue of the loom after fixing the headlight to a static position.

I plan on relocating the Dials and Regulator/Rectifier on to the main bracket... (See Picture) I plan on locating the Regulator/Rectifier just above the bracket main arm (shown) between the headlight and on a pillar that the dials and Ignition will be mounted on (Pillar for dials not shown/installed yet)... But the Regulator/Rectifier is roughly located in its final position.

While I appreciate the Regulator/Rectifier needs some airflow over it to keep it cool. Will locating it here cause any issues bearing in mind a fairing will surround this are???? I have never felt this item get that hot previously.


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