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Hey gg, please dont link eBay auctions here.

1. That's like free advertizing for eBay and I aint a big fan of them.

I'm not a real fan of the fleeBay either but if one of our folks can get a good deal on something they need then then so much the better.(?)
It's free advertizing for them, but we win too.
Care to reconsider?
Just a thought


NBR founder
It's like this ... if one of our folks is looking for a good deal, then he (or she) needs to contact our sponsoring vendors. If they don't know about eBay by now or how to use their search engine themselves .. then how the hell did they manage to sign up for this site? I'm not allowing eBay advertising here. Ebay doesn't pay me for the advertising and it's not fair to the paying vendors who already advertise on this site.

If you have a Triumph specific part, why not list it here first? You have a captive audience here and there's no fee for listing it here for private individuals. Price it accordingly (cause we're not going to have bidding wars either), and if it doesn't sell, put it on your favorite auction site.
But unless eBay wants to start helping out with keeping the NBR lights on, they can't advertise here, even by proxy.
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