Dynojet Stage I kit for Bonneville


Two Stroke

Adjusting the carburetor setting is fun, but sometimes annoying, thing to play with. Today, I would like to share with you about installing Dynojet Stage I kit for Bonneville (2006 model, of course the carb model).

Dynojet Stage I kit comes with the main parts, Fuel Needles (or jet needle) and Slide Springs (or suction spring) with E-clips, and sets of various main jets (#108-120). For details, see product insert (PDF).

With the selected main jets and slow jets, then, the Dynojet jet needle and suction springe are installed, as shown in the picture. The Dynojet jet needle (PICT #6-7) has six slots, one of those is used to attach E-clip (PICT #6) to adjust the amount of fuel (the instruction says the fourth slot is to be used to begin with). On the other hand, the Dynojet suction spring (PICT #8) is shorter with the smaller spring tension, as compared to the original, which leads to more easy movement of the jet needle and thus to more responsive action to acceleration.


While playing with the pilot screw (+/- 2.5 rounds), I have easily noticed the apparent improvement of acceleration. Especially, at over 3,500 rpm, it is indeed WHOPPING acceleration and torque feeling! If you look for more powerful and torqueful Bonneville, I believe it is the way to go.
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interesting. I really just want that spring. The thruxton needles are fantastic in my hot rod bike, but i would like that adjustability