Dumb re jet question


Im sure this has been asked and gone over a million times...........I have searched and searche but still cannot find what I need. I need to rejet, I will have the airbox and ai removed of course, pod filters, and I am running the stock "mufflers", that I have cut in half removed all the crap and welded back together. Any suggestions? Thank you!


TT Racer
what year? what displacement?

you may need a shim or two, maybe a needle change or a 3mm slide.. there is more to it than just the jets themselves.


TT Racer
It's pretty likely you'll need to richen it up through the whole throttle range. I'd start with 135/42 jets, a shim and 3mm slide. That should put you in the ballpark.


Two Stroke
K&N pods 142-145 mains, UNI pods 150-152 mains and a shim under each needle and DNA pods 155-158 mains with a shim under the needles. If you go to 42 pilots, forget the shims and reduce the mains by 1-2 sizes.